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Installing Earthquake's tactile devices

There are 3 different ways to transfer the effects from the tactile device to your sofa or chair. Which one you use depends on your needs and capabilities of your furniture.

The first method is to mount the tactile device directly onto your furniture. Here it's important to remember the installation should be done so the tactile device is mounted in an upright position. This method of installation should be done in one of the supporting parts - often it's the skeleton of the furniture that is made of the correct material. The tremors from Earthquake's tactile devices are very powerful, so make sure it is attached securely. In most cases, the screws should be sufficient.
Fitting it in the center of the furniture's skeleton gives the best result, as it is not possible for the Q10B to be mounted on armrests, etc.

Mounting can also be done by using a bracket, either L-shaped or S-shaped for the Quake 10.0B (Earthquake’s own PB-1 bracket can be modified for use in Earthquake’s Mini Quake(link here) as well). The bracket can be easily placed under one leg on the furniture.

Remember to install the rubber feet on the furniture legs and decoupling directly below the bracket. It will ensure the furniture remains stable and prevents the bracket from rattling against the floor.

It is also possible to mount the bracket itself on the furniture when it’s not possible to install the tactile device directly, due to lack of space - the two providing a suitable alternative.
Using Earthquake’s PB-1  S-shaped bracket, the impact from the Q10B will more than double - therefore, it can be very advantageous to use the PB-1 rather than the supplied L-shaped bracket.

The last option to attach Earthquake’s tactile devices would be by building a platform on which furniture is installed. A single Quake 10.0B can be used for 3 cinema chairs, where it will give the best effect by using one platform. A platform is also useful if you are not able or do not want to install the tactile device directly on the furniture.

Below is a drawing of how Earthquake recommends a platform should look. We recommend using Earthquakes PB-1 S-shaped brackets, but mounting directly on the platform is of course also an option.



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