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MiniMe FAQ


MiniMe FAQ

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Q: What are the differences between the different Earthquake subwoofer series?

1. FF series is our bang for the buck series, it will offer more acoustical output than any competing design in its class. It does use a ported cabinet design and comes with the audio flaws inherent to that design. (Why we invented SLAPS)
It is a line that we sell very many of and customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. It is however not the subwoofer we would recomend to a hardcore audiophile who listens to organ music all day.

2. SuperNova MKIV is the entry level of the Supernova Series and offers superb audiophile performance. While still being budget friendly by using a black ash cabinet finish and a class AB plate amp with standard phase and crossover adjustments.

3.  MiniME series is a step up from the Supernova MKIV series and offers a piano lacquer finish and a very high power enhanced class D amplifier. It retains the same audio sound profile as the Supernova by using SLAPS technology, which removes the limitations known from ported and sealed cabinet designs.

4. MiniME DSP adds an advanced market leading fully user-definable DSP solution to the MiniME series. Besides the DSP it is identical to the regular MiniMe subwoofer.

5. SuperNova MKVI is our bid for a world class subwoofer with no weaknesses and almost unlimited sub harmonic output capability. In magazine tests it has shown to be more than twice as powerful as the strongest competitor. It uses SLAPS like MiniME and is available in piano lacquer as well as black ash. 

6. SuperNova MKVII the same as the MKVI, but features a curved cabinet. Some people prefer the straight and efficient cubic design of the MKVI and others prefer the curved elegance of the MKVII.

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Q: For the MiniMe P10 & P12: how do I set the volume?

A: Each click on volume gives an increase of 1 db. It can be rotated a number of times and keeps turning even when you are at full power (because it's digital). Start by (while it's on) turning the volume nob 5 times clockwise, then you're sure it's at max. Then turn it down with one click at a time until you reach the desired level. Depending on the output power of your receiver, the max position can be optimal. If your receiver is optimized for full output at 0.75v, you can double the input sensitivity of the sub by using a y splitter.

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Q: For the MiniMe P10 & P12: Is it normal for the amplifier to become warm?

A:The amplifier becomes warm, maybe even what feels hot to the touch. The human hand has a logarithmic sensitivity to temperature so already at 40/45 degrees it will feel like burning as to make you quickly pull the hand back and not get burned. But for electronics it's still cool at 45 degrees. No matter how hard it is driven it should never be more than about 55 degrees hot.

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