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Torque amplification bracket for Quake 10.0

The PB-1 is an S shaped torque amplification bracket that when combined with the Quake 10.0 will exert a previously unheard level of tactile output on your chair or couch.

The torque amplification bracket works by harnessing the power of leverage. Leverage works bytrading distance of a lever with weight times movement - the longer the lever the more weight can be lifted by a smaller weight traveling a longer distance.  Discovered in ancient times and put into mathematical equation and thus history by Archimedes.

It is important that PB-1 only be used on objects that are very firm and offer solid mounting. If the chair or couch to be shaken is too easily shaken the tactile unit will move in a slight circle pattern instead of a straight up and down motion. This can cause the inner piston of the Quake 10.0 to hit the cylinder casing,  resulting in an unwanted noise output.
Priced and sold per piece.
  •     Model nr.: PB-1
  •     EAN: 0 068975 900565
€ 35 w/o VAT
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