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Cinenova Grande


The Legend reborn.

The latest iteration of the legendary Cinénova Grande amplifier is a true tale of evolution.  

Since its inception the Cinenova Grande reference platform has been the benchmark for new technology. New innovations are constantly put up against the reference design. Astonishingly few circuitry innovations become the genesis of true audio evolution. It is our sincere belief that the new generation represents a meaningful improvement.  

During the research process for the Cinenova 7, the Grandes smaller sibling,  three core technologies were developed. All designed to optimize the amplifiers performance and sound quality. These new technologies proved so successful that with them the  Cinénova  Grande reference design itself has been reborn.

The Cinénova Grande has long been the most powerful multi channel amplifier on the market. The new channel-bridge feature further propels the Cinénova Grande into the wattage stratosphere. Breaking the vaunted 1,500 watts at  8 ohm HIFI amplifier barrier. A feat previously accomplished by only a handful of exotic 2 channel high-end amplifiers.

Like its predecessors the Grande BR is a tempered blend of traditional high-end virtues combined with innovative and novel circuitry design. Produced using in-house proprietary manufacturing techniques. Operating in an enhanced class AB state gives it industry leading efficiency making the Cinénova Grande BR a true green amplifier.

A brief introduction to the three core technologies new to the Cinenova Grande.

mars_mediumThe MARS technology (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System) is a new type of protection system that enables the use of all the amplifier’s power resources without compromising the survivability of the amplifier under catastrophic conditions. Typical protection systems rely on fuses or relays that complicate the signal path thus degrading audio quality. MARS is different as it is not in the signal path, but works by sensing the electro-magnetic signature of the speaker output wire then translating this input into amperes flowing through the wire. Using the principle discovered by Danish Scientist H.C. Oersted, this design has no impact on the sound quality of the amplifier as it is totally separate from the audio circuits.


The internal communication of MARS is handled via optics rather than electrical circuits. This means MARS does not create an electromagnetic field as no current is flowing through wires. The signal path remains free of artifacts that impact and taint the sound in other designs as no amount of light activity can influence an electrical system.

Normally a relatively large safety margin is necessary because of the antiquated nature of traditional protection systems. MARS operates at 500khz speed making it deadly accurate. This enables the amplifier to utilize the outputs SOA (safe operating area) to the limit. This gives a MARS enabled amplifier 20 percent more power than an identical non-MARS amplifier.

 During testing the MARS technology showed that the output of the amplifier could be short-circuited at full power more than a thousand times with no damage to the amplifier. MARS does not use any relays or other damping-factor reducing mechanical switches that can wear out or fail over time. Instead, a specially designed circuit instantly shuts off the output drive.

In the event a short-circuit activates the MARS protection system, it continuously re-scans the output every 10 seconds. Normal operation automatically resumes as soon as the short-circuit condition is removed.

ion_mediumThe ION technology (In-Circuit Optimization Network) is an advanced network of connection points on the Cinénova Grande BR circuit-boards. Traditionally, transistors and capacitors are paired, grouped and tested to ensure compatibility. However, it  has  been shown especially by exotic and esoteric audiophiles across the globe that even highly refined mass produced amplifiers have substantial room for improvement when individually tweaked and optimized. A lot happens when individual components are put together in a circuit. A certain margin of difference between two seemingly identical circuits exists. Some engineers refer to this as the “Ghost in the machine.” The option of being able to fine-tune and optimize a circuit even after it has been built would be the evolutionary solution - enter the ION technology. ION enables individual tweaking while remaining in a mass production environment.
When the circuit is completed, the ION network is connected to a specially designed diagnostics computer that automatically determines the optimal connections and ION then makes those connections permanent.

concurrent_medium.jpgThe ConCurrent power supply design ensures full power can be delivered at all times to all channels simultaneously. Earthquake engineers developed the parallel symmetric transformer with identical electromagnetic coupling for each secondary winding.





CinenovaGrande_10_mediumEvery channel has its own secondary winding, capacitor bank, rectifiers and output circuitry all mounted on massive, individually, vertically-ripped extruded aluminum heat-sinks. The individual channels remain sovereign and autonomous as sharing is not required. This guarantees that no matter how hard one channel is driven it will have no effect on surrounding channels.



Power supply efficiency, stiffness and strength are dependent on several factors. The ConCurrent design is the culmination of intense optimization of all known parameters. To stiffen the supply (lower regulation factor) the transformer cores are made of ferrite instead of a lower grade iron material. The windings are made with the same oxygen free copper that is used in high-end speaker cables. To ensure a low hum operation, the transformer is hard-wound and made with military grade high temperature lacquer. The ConCurrent power supply in the Cinénova Grande BR  has a  transformer rating of 4000VA.

From the loudest crescendo to the finest syllable, the Cinénova Grande BR will remain composed and in control. We invite you to enjoy the unique ownership experience of this Cinénova amplifier that was designed by a brilliant mind and built with loving hands.


Priced and sold per piece.


  • Model nr.: CinenovaGrande
  • EAN: 0 068975 900633
  • 1450 watts into 1 ohm. RMS
  • 1000 watts into 2 ohm, RMS
  • 660 watts into 4 ohm,  RMS
  • 330 watts into 8-ohm,  RMS
  • 1500 watts bridge-link into 8 ohm RMS
  • 2500 watts bridge-link into 4 ohm RMS
  • 2800 watts bridge-link into 2 ohm RMS
  • XLR and RCA inputs 
  • Frequency Range: 1W + /-0.1dB: 20Hz to 20kHz 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 122dB at 1kHz-121dB at 5kHz / 120dB at 10kHz 
  • Input impedance: 27,000 ohms. 
  • 4000VA ferrite OFC low regulation transformer with separate secondary windings.
  • Damping Factor: 1.600 
  • Cinénova Grande BR exceed effortlessly technical standards set by THX, DTS and Dolby Laboratories. 
  • Channel Separation: at least 120 dB. 
  • Max. Input voltage: 1.9 volts. 
  • THD: 1kHz, 8 ohms: 0.001% 
  • 12v trigger ( can be switched automatically from your preamplifier or other components with 12v trigger output). 
  • Built-in Crossover: selectable between high-pass and low-pass or disengaged. 20Hz - 5kHz infinitely variable. The crossover allows you to determine how much bandwidth your speakers to reproduce. Use the amplifier to bi-amping two channels can be made to reproduce bass / midrange frequencies and two channels for the treble and the last channel might. drive a large passive subwoofer. All this without using any crossovers.
  • Oversized, gold plated 7-way output terminals. 
  • Weight: 61,5 kg. Carrying handle on the front panel. Proper lifting technique is recommended. 
  • Handmade in the USA. 
  • Available in black 



  • Width: 18 mm
  • Depth: 49 mm


  • Width: 442 mm
  • Depth: 483 mm
  • Depth with front plate: 494 mm
  • Total lenght w/ handles: 543 mm

Front plate

  • Width: 448 mm
  • Height: 221 mm

Height with feet: 238 mm

Protection Circuit:

  • The transformer has a built-in thermal protection.
  • FFI (Fused Fault Indicators). Diode indicators on the amplifier rear indicates whether a parameter has been exceeded. 
  • Each module block is thermally protected. 
  • The amplifier is protected against forwarding bad DC to the speaker. 
  • The amplifier is protected against short circuit, transistor burning and internal errors. 
  • The amplifier is equipped with a 25 amp main fuse (supports your electrical installation larger effect, fuse switch to a major). 
  • Each module block is equipped with a 15 amp main fuse pop. 
  • Each module block is equipped with two. 10 amp fuses. One for + and one for -. Two diodes back of each modular block monitors whether a fuse is blown. 
  • Transistor burning. 
  • Connection Dropouts and internal fault (open circuit) 
  • Power transient (prevents the amplifier from making loud noise in the loudspeaker at boot).
  • EZXS technology means that each module block individual can be taken out of service. Should it ever need service.

Cinénova Grande is hand built in the USA and undergoes a 24-hour test and burn-in process before it is measured and approved for sale. Each amplifier is supplied with its own individual data sheet, where the amplifier's exact measurements are applied, and the name of the technician who performed the measurements. This is proof of performance and ensures that the amplifier lives up to our promise of guaranteed excellence.

More details about the CinenovaGrande and the technology behind it

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